Monday, October 3, 2011


A great idea is a paradox really: It is very difficult to come by but at the same time it is brutally simple. It takes a lot of time and effort to strike, but once you have it, it gives you the potential to change the world. Today I wanted to highlight one such brilliant idea envisioned and conceptualized by my good friend and MBA colleague Vinay Kolluru. In this fast paced world, the toughest thing to accomplish is to get the time and attention of somebody. And for a candidate trying to get in front of a recruiter, the challenge is even more phenomenal. Vinay recently has come up with a unique solution via his small business Jet Pitch which has landed a spot among the 10 finalists in Dell’s “America’s favorite small business” competition.

I know your time is very important. And as my friend Vinay promises to put candidates in front of recruiters in 60 seconds, I will try and lay this out for you as a 1 minute read.

What is a jet pitch?
It is just a liaison between recruiters and talented candidates. Jet Pitch not only brings deserving candidates to the doors of employers, it also opens that door for them. It is an innovative service that helps professionals to jump start their careers and offers recruiters an easier and more efficient way to find an exact fit for their requirement.

So what does it do and what is unique about it?
There are numerous candidates with a vast array of skill sets and the résumé has become a tedious and time consuming medium to assess and identify a potential fit. Jet Pitch has come up with a unique concept of a 60 second video elevator pitch. It provides a simple and elegant platform for candidates to concisely encapsulate their career aspirations, background and skill set in a 60 second video elevator pitch.

This video elevator pitch presents the candidate in 3 dimensions and gives the recruiters a true and unbiased first impression of a candidate in virtually no time. In simple terms Jet Pitch brings a candidate to life in a 1 minute video to the audience: top companies around the world!

Why is this needed and what else does it offer?
Geographical remoteness, time and budget constraints, lack of visibility and several other factors lead to companies ignoring talented students. Jet Pitch aims to fix these inefficiencies or gaps in the recruiting process and helps companies find motivated and passionate candidates whom they would have overlooked otherwise.

It works with businesses, universities, HR professionals, UI experts and cutting edge graphic designers to help put students on the map of major employers and streamline the recruiting process and helps companies make informed decisions in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

That is Jet Pitch in short for you: a brilliant and powerful idea with a potential to work wonders. If this business idea resonated with you and you would like to support Jet Pitch in its wonderful journey, you can take a look at Vinay's entry vote for it using the link below!

And if you want to know more about this business idea you can visit:


  1. nice idea indeed
    had heard of the 1 minute elevator pitch where one has to sell one's idea before the lift opened

    the website is nice too
    but hey it is only for US residents !!

  2. yeah.. I think it is designed to be operational in the US only. :( I guess recruiting in India is still quite different from the US, so this idea may not be required as of now. May be in the future the need might arise.


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