Friday, April 22, 2011


So when did Kenya replace India as the emerging superpower? Well.. no.. this is not an Emerging Economies Global Summit. Our very own Chetan Bhagat has decided that is high time he rehashed his best seller book “5 point someone” and decides to call 4 superpower stars to an island (should be a costly book!!) for conceptualizing his new story. Here he is hosting our swashbuckling celebrities: Barack Obama, Rajnikant, M.Karunanidhi and Shah Rukh Khan.

Chetan: Woww… This is great. It is an honor to be among such stalwarts. More so to be in this gorgeous island!! I am going to write a book about the 4 of you meeting in college and revolutionizing a whole nation!

Obama: Oh…. That is easy! I can bring a lot of change! Change and Hope!

Karuna: oh wow.. I could do with some change! Can’t get that if I am not in power!! Looks like my dream of dying as a Chief Minister might not come true!!

SRK: I am not missing out this time. I need the copyrights to make a movie out of that. How does “4 Idiots” sound?

Obama: Where did you learn your grammar? It should be: “How do 4 idiots sound”!!

Rajni: I think I already know!

Chetan: Okay.. Letzzz get into this. So which college do you guys want to go to?

Karunanidhi: I am too old for college. I can provide free laptops though!

Rajni: Kannaa… I am too young for college. Ha haa haaa!!

Chetan: We should have a theme! So what do you guys want to stand up for and fight against in college?

Barack Obama: hmm….. I have to think!!

Rajni: Corruption!!

Karunai: Corruption!!!

SRK: Piracy.

Rajni: haa haaa haa.. for that kanna, you will have to talk to Johnny Depp. Suuuuper movie paa!!

Chetan: Mr. Obama?

Obama: hmm…. I need more time to think! I should have an answer in my next Presidential campaign!

Chetan: Mr.Karuna, I can understand Rajni standing up for corruption. But why you?

Karuna: I have had enough of 2G! I need to upgrade to 3GS!!

Chetan: Ahh… Now I get it! You stand FOR corruption!

SRK: Let him stand first! Then we will see!

Chetan: So Rajni, what are your plans against corruption?

Rajni: I support Anna!

Karuna: I support Anna too!

Rajni: Wot a nonsense of the stupid of the English!! I said Anna Hazare.

Chetan: Wow… how and when do you plan to do that?

Rajni: Kannaa… naan engae eppo epdi varuvennu yarukum theriyathu.. aana vara vendiya nerathula corrictaaa varuven… ha haa haa… (Nobody knows when and where I will come but when time comes I will!)

SRK: I can use that dialogue for my next movie!

Chetan: So Rajni.. what is your first plan?

Rajni: I am on my way to Himalayas kannaaa…

Obama: Can I find Osama Bin Laden there?

Rajni points his fingers skyward!!

Obama jumps out of his chair and hides himself under the table. “Missile Attack!! I should have known that Bin Laden will find me here!!”

Chetan: Okay.. thatzz it!! I am heading to the beach! Catch you all later!!!

SRK: Time for Twitter! I should follow Sourav Ganguly!!

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  1. Bringing Kalaignar in was sheer awesomeness :) Love your humor, want more!


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