Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well... before you guys let your imagination run wild let me know tell you this is not a laser emitting uber-cool 22nd century pen drive that I have. It is much simpler than that. Well… it is one of those days where nothing goes right and you get to see how a set of insignificant events (read: “mistakes of the past”) string together and wreak havoc. I am sure you have been there before!

It was yesterday evening and here I was wondering about my fast paced (relatively!!) and eventful MBA life! And more importantly which genius came up with the idea of having a vending machine for lobsters!! Thankfully my phone rings and Siva wakes me up from slumber land. We start talking about old friends and I invite myself to his house. But then I make my second (trivial yet) mistake. I decide to return his thumb drive which he insisted twice that he absolutely does not need. I park my car outside his house and after struggling for 5 minutes, I manage to locate the thumb drive in my bag.

We have a great time until I see him glancing towards the clock. So I walk back to the car only to realize my third mistake (not trivial anymore) of safely securing my car key in my bag which by the way is also secure inside the trunk. Now we have a problem!

Siva says: Now surely you must be having a spare key!! Ahh… Now I remember! Mistake No. 1!!! Guess what... the spare key is also in my bag!! Genius!!! I guess Siva would have thought: “Well... at least I got my thumb drive!!”

It didn’t look that bad since Siddharth, Abhijit, Shalini, Neha and Siva (wow... I have so many great friends) all help me out and AAA roadside assistance is on the way. Now all of a sudden, Mr. Tornado decides to visit town. Perfect timing!! Btw….. Mr. Tornado? Did you like Bloomington? Beautiful, isn’t it? I heard you are coming again tonight!!

Well… it happens to be that Mr. AAA is not good friends with Mr. Tornado. So he says: “Later, man!!” I decide to call it a (eventful) day hoping tomorrow morning would be less exciting. Hmm….. Not exactly!! Biting cold morning, I get to where my car was parked. Still there!! Okay. Now I see 2 gentlemen arriving with an air of confidence looking to make short work of this car break in!! “Letzz get down to binnnessssss!!!” He inserts a long wire through my glass window and tries to pull it open!! CRACKKKK!!!!! My Windowww!!!! A moment of silence!!

The man goes: Well... In all my experience, that is the first time I have cracked a glass!! Daaamnnn….

I say: Don’t worry mate!! (Wonder why I got the Australian accent there!!) It happens to everybody! Btw… quick question… Is this your first time?? (Oops… Now I know why the accent!!!)

Terrible question to ask to a man who had something that looked like a crow bar in his hand. He is kind enough not to make a second crack (in my head)!! Instead he goes: “Don’t worry man... Our insurance will cover that”!

Door’s open! I get my key(s)!! That’s it!! It’s over (I guess)!! Well... what to say!! I guess we all need our share of excitement!!! Today I got someone else’s as well!!


  1. Super neat Raj! :) You know what! You should blog about usual everyday happenings. Quips about something that tickles you in your routine.
    Reminds me of the times when I started (and abandoned) it as well :P
    Keep going!

    1. Thank you so much Neha. I guess it was those wonderful times at Bloomington that instigated me to blog and has still kept me passionate about it. :) I miss those times and you guys.

      And again.. you should start blogging again. :)

  2. Replies
    1. A warm welcome to you Rajendra. :) Thank you so much and do visit for more. :)

  3. hahha what a mess! but well the narration of the incident sure made for some good reading :D
    it is such a common place occurrence yet u brought a novelty to it

    btw, i was really surprised by the title because it was ur FIRST post and a title like this? i was very curious

    1. :) Yes Sujatha. That was indeed one hell of an incident. And in a way it prompted me to start writing. It was not just this one particular incident but certainly it happened to be a trigger. The name came out of a joke I was making about this and I thought it might be quite apt to be the title. Funny story. Might even be the story of this blog's evolution. ;)

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