Monday, April 25, 2011


A gorgeous landscape, a breathtaking forest, jolly trees wrapping their arms around one another, cute flowers decorating the trees, a serene lake, gentle rain showering kisses generously to one and all! To top it all: a bunch of lovely friends. You have all the ingredients in the making for a wonderful Sunday evening. Add some adventure and fun to this and you get to trek through some dangerous terrain, climb trees (confirming our ancestral roots!), do a group dance, research on algae, fall flat on your back, enjoy watching others’ fall, get people to believe that you can actually walk on water and amidst all this strike some lovely poses for the shutterbugs! Priceless!

As if this was not enough, if you can add some fine hot tea and mouthwatering pakodas (Courtesy: Neha) to the equation, then it should easily qualify as the “Perfect Evening”. And today was indeed one of those days. And if you don’t believe it: See it for yourself.

Now you may wonder: “All this sounds great! But I don’t see you in the picture”. Some may go: “Ohh… okay… I get it”. No... I am not the photographer either (That's Ayushman btw!). You see. I had a difficult choice (in hindsight the choice was so obvious!) between correcting 190 accounting exam papers and losing myself to the beauty of Lake Griffy. Lo behold. I chose to sacrifice my happiness for the sake of 190 studious souls! Abhijit, Shalini, Ayushman, Neha and Arpana: I envy you guys. (I meant that in a good way!)

But as they say: Life gives you second chances and I did manage to grab mine. You guessed it right! The pakodas didn’t miss me too much. But I did miss a lot tonight. But I know I don’t have to regret it for long because another perfect evening is just round the corner!


  1. Awww.. that's so sweet, we missed you!

  2. correcting exam papers? what was that about?

    as for the post, for a person who was NOT there that evening with them, this was really nicely written. the post felt so "real" ....umm...did i make sense?

    1. Yeah.. It was for Undergrad students. I was a Graduate Asst and helped out the Professor. :)

      You make perfect sense. :) These guys came back and told me all that happened and I felt quite bad of not going. I guess I wrote this to feel my virtual presence in that experience. Now did I make sense? :P

  3. Wow...really awesome. You all enjoyed a lot. Thank you for sharing.

    ERP gujarat


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